Slicing in DS9ΒΆ


This feature is experimental and does not work with all versions of DS9 at this point.

There is a python command-line script that will be installed into your path along with pvextractor. You can invoke it from the command line, but the preferred approach is to load the tool into DS9. First, determine the path to ds9_pvextract.ans; it is in the scripts subdirectory of the source code. Then start up DS9 with the analysis tool loaded

ds9 -analysis load /path/to/pvextractor/scripts/ds9_pvextract.ans  &

Then load any cube in DS9. You can draw a line, a vector, or a “segment”; only the first one drawn will have any effect. To extract the PV diagram, press the ‘x’ key or click “PV Extractor” in the analysis menu. Be patient - especially for big cubes, it may take a little while, and there is no progress bar.