API Documentation

pvextractor Package

This is an Astropy affiliated package.


extract_pv_slice(cube, path[, wcs, spacing, ...]) Given a position-position-velocity cube with dimensions (nv, ny, nx), and a path, extract a position-velocity slice.
paths_from_regfile(regfile) Given a ds9 region file, extract pv diagrams for each:
slice_wcs(wcs, spatial_scale) Slice a WCS header for a spectral cube to a Position-Velocity WCS, with
test([package, test_path, args, plugins, ...]) Run the tests using py.test.


Path(xy_or_coords[, width]) A curved path that may have a non-zero width and is used to extract slices from cubes.
PathFromCenter(center[, length, angle, ...]) A simple path defined by a center, length, and position angle.